Unity3d Hacks

Tutorial to make Circular Timer without any " shaders and masking " in unity3d .

Step 1  : Requirements

  • semi circular texture 1
  • semi circular texture 2 (should be same as texture 1).
  • semi circular masking texture (Should be of different color).
  • background image  (should be same as masking texture ).
Step 2  :  Settings that needs to be done in unity3d

  • Camera settings : 

  1. camera should be orthographic
  2. local z position  = -10 units.
  3. Rotation = Zero in all axis

  • Import all these textures in unity asset folder.
  • Apply each one of them on separate game objects of  "Sprite" type .
  • Adjust the pivot points of texture 2 and masking texture for proper rotation.
  • Adjust the textures in proper layers by setting the "z" value of their transform's local position in the inspector window .
  • Background should be kept in the last layer.
  • Texture 1 and 2 in same layer.
  • Masking texture should be kept in the layer above texture 1 and 2.
Step 3 : The Hack

The masking texture is rotated along its pivot in the xy plane with an rotationAngle , where,
                                    rotationAngle  = 360 / Time (sec) .
As soon as the masking texture has rotated 180 degrees , the mask rotation is stopped and the masking texture is sent back of the background texture , thereby making it invisible ( you can also make it 's renderer off to get same result ) .Simultaneously , texture 2 is set to rotation for another 180 degrees .

And finally , what you see is a clocked timer .
The unity package consists of  timer prefab , ProgressManager script (in C #) and dummy textures .

The script has bool variable named  " StartTimer  " . Check to start the timer .

The needed files and complete Unity package can be downloaded from  HERE  .

Note :  This is just a small hack for those who don't want to get into the intense and complex unity shaders and masking for their 2D games .Using this , one can also make semi - circular progress bar ( use your wits and you can achieve this too) . 

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